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What is included in the services of a realtor?

A realtor's job can involve much more than just selecting and displaying apartments.

When selling an apartment

In order to sell your apartment, a realtor:
  • Places advertisements for the sale. Depending on the type of apartment, its location and price, the realtor will select the best sites for placement. He can also organize shows on his own, without your presence.
  • Determines the market value. If you contact a reliable agency, you do not have to worry that the agent will sell the property at a lower price. The realtor will also tell you how to increase the value of the object (for example, if you make cosmetic repairs, rearrangements, etc.).
  • Will find a buyer.
  • It will help in the preparation of documents, execution of a purchase and sale agreement, when registering a transaction with a notary.
  • You do not have to waste time looking for a buyer, meeting and communicating with him. The agent will negotiate on your behalf and help you complete the deal.

When buying an apartment in a new building and on the secondary market

To find an apartment or house for you, a realtor:
  • Will advise. The agencies have bases with different objects. You will be offered the best options from the required price segment, both in the primary and secondary markets. They will also talk about the reliability of developers, the features of the apartments (layouts, district infrastructure, etc.).
  • Will pick up several options. From the agency base or from offers on the market, you will be offered the most suitable apartments that meet your requirements.
  • Organizes shows. So that you can look at the property, the realtor will make an appointment with the seller at a convenient time or online.
  • Will help assess the condition of the apartment. An experienced realtor will even see hidden flaws.
  • Agree with the seller. The agent will act in your best interest when discussing all the intricacies of the transaction.
  • Check the property for legal cleanliness. He will trace the entire chain of transfer of rights to the apartment, find out how many owners, whether there are any encumbrances and debts.
  • Will help to draw up a preliminary and basic sales contract.
  • Can accompany during the conclusion of the transaction and registration of property rights.
If problems arise that may arise when concluding a transaction, a realtor will deal with them.

By land and houses

        For a transaction with land plots, it is necessary to check the category and purpose of the land. For example, it would be illegal to build a house on a garden or commercial property. The owner will have to pay a hefty fine for the violation. When contacting a real estate agency, this will not happen. The realtor will offer objects that meet your requirements and legal requirements. And he can accompany at every stage of the transaction, starting from the selection of a suitable option and ending with the registration of ownership rights in Bulgaria.

What is the price for the work of our agency made up of?

To determine how much the services of a Real Estate Agent will cost, you need to figure out what constitutes his fee. The cost will depend on the amount of work that you need:


  • picks up an object
  • organizes viewing
  • negotiates the price on behalf of the client
  • agree on the date of the transaction with the notary
  • draws up a preliminary contract
  • checks the object for encumbrances

It happens that the buyer and the seller find each other on their own, and they turn to a lawyer or an agency only for technical assistance. In this case, the realtor does not coordinate the parties and does not interfere with the agreements, only provides administrative support. It can be drafting documents, ordering and receiving documents on the territory of Bulgaria, representing interests in front of a Bulgarian notary, registering new owners in BULSTAT, tax or cadastre. The commission for such work is always less than for a full range of services.

This is spelled out above, as the size of the commission, in the service agreement, which is concluded with the realtor (not to be confused with a preliminary agreement between the seller and the buyer).

    Agency commission for the sale of real estate: 3% of the price of real estate, but not less than 800 euros, payment is made upon signing the "Preliminary contract" with the seller.

       Agency commission when buying real estate: 1-3% of the property price, but not less than 800 euros, payment is made upon signing a "preliminary contract" with the seller, with the exception of real estate, which clearly states that the agency is not entitled to commission.
The commission covers a number of important services that we provide to our clients during the sale: the organization of viewing tours, the selection of suitable real estate according to the specified parameters, legal assistance, verification of property documents, verification of real estate encumbrances, preparation of all necessary agreements for the transaction, representation during the transaction if necessary, administrative work, utilities, costs during negotiations and the holistic organization of the buying process.

Paid separately by the buyer - Transport services: If you use Property - TrentMe transport during inspection tours from the office or from the meeting point to the real estate, then the payment is 0.50 EUR / km - payment for fuel and depreciation. This applies to inspections of those real estate objects that are located in different localities. Inspection in the city without transportation costs. If you purchase real estate with us, all transportation costs that are charged by the office will be canceled!


Who pays the realtor?

       The person who enters into an agreement with him will pay for the services of a realtor. It can be both a seller and a buyer. If the parties to the transaction have different agencies, then each of them is calculated independently.


Do you need an agent for the deal?

        The participation of a realtor in a transaction in Bulgaria is optional - you can independently search for properties, arrange views and negotiate a price with the seller or developer. However, in practice, foreigners rarely decide on this, if only because they do not know the Bulgarian language, which is necessary both when searching for options and for drafting and submitting documents.
The only obligatory participant in the transaction is a notary. He checks the status of the object and the purity of the transaction on the basis of an extract from the register of property rights. He also checks the reliability of the developer and cadastral documents for the land on which the building stands. In difficult cases, the notary can order an extract on the encumbrance of real estate for several years.
The sale cannot be registered without the signature of a notary public.



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