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Finding and buying a home - on your own or through an agency?

       Finding an apartment on your own is a long process. If you do not live in Bulgaria or you have little time for additional work, you will have to repeatedly come to the country to view interesting objects, answer calls or arrange for examinations. It is not always easy, and the costs of flights, absences from work or rescheduling of business meetings will be difficult, and the result is not always quick. In such a situation, the advantages of working with agencies are clearly visible.

        The agent knows the local market well and accompanies you throughout the search or sale process, negotiation and execution of the deal.
        The agent will find suitable objects, look at them and provide detailed reports with photos and videos, a detailed description of the pros and cons of each object.

   The main advantages of working with an agent:


  • Save time and money
  • Smoothing the language barrier between the Buyer and the Seller
  • The ability to conclude a deal remotely.
  • Experts know the market well and are competent in legislation. They will help to prepare all the necessary documents for the transaction.
  • Control of the transaction, followed by support and assistance in registering new property.

     We check documents for real estate, we monitor compliance with the requirements of the law. We will prepare your arrival, meet and place you in comfortable rooms.

     The market is dynamic and constantly changing, so we do not post all the relevant offers on our website, we mainly work with large aggregators for the sale and search of real estate, both within Bulgaria and on international sites, we are also open and work with other real estate agencies. For more complete and up-to-date information on the real estate objects you are interested in, please contact us at the specified contacts or write through the contact form.

      We stand for a trusting and respectful relationship between our company and the Client!

Thank you for your choice and trust in our Agents!
Best regards from the Property team - TrentMe

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